Donnie and Carol’s Wedding

…here are some of the gracious guests from Donnie and Carol’s wedding.  What a gorgeous day at Hampton Beach…the perfect wedding, with Donnie and Carol setting the tone, great food and music, and amazing dancing.  I was so happy to be there!

dragon morin wedding-1656 dragon morin wedding-1659 dragon morin wedding-1661 dragon morin wedding-1662 dragon morin wedding-1664 dragon morin wedding-1665 dragon morin wedding-1666 dragon morin wedding-1669 dragon morin wedding-1670 dragon morin wedding-1674 dragon morin wedding-1675 dragon morin wedding-1676 dragon morin wedding-1678 dragon morin wedding-1681 dragon morin wedding-1683 dragon morin wedding-1684 dragon morin wedding-1686 dragon morin wedding-1688 dragon morin wedding-1691 dragon morin wedding-1693 dragon morin wedding-1696 dragon morin wedding-1697 dragon morin wedding-1699 dragon morin wedding-1700 dragon morin wedding-1702 dragon morin wedding-1704 dragon morin wedding-1705 dragon morin wedding-1707 dragon morin wedding-1711 dragon morin wedding-1715 dragon morin wedding-1718 dragon morin wedding-1723 dragon morin wedding-1727 dragon morin wedding-1730 dragon morin wedding-1733 dragon morin wedding-1739 dragon morin wedding-1742 dragon morin wedding-1746 dragon morin wedding-1756 dragon morin wedding-1760 dragon morin wedding-1769 dragon morin wedding-1773 dragon morin wedding-1774 dragon morin wedding-1776 dragon morin wedding-1780 dragon morin wedding-1781 dragon morin wedding-1784 dragon morin wedding-1785 dragon morin wedding-1789 dragon morin wedding-1795 dragon morin wedding-1799 dragon morin wedding-1805 dragon morin wedding-1806 dragon morin wedding-1813 dragon morin wedding-1819 dragon morin wedding-1826 dragon morin wedding-1827 dragon morin wedding-1829 dragon morin wedding-1832 dragon morin wedding-1834 dragon morin wedding-1837 dragon morin wedding-1854 dragon morin wedding-1855 dragon morin wedding-1862 dragon morin wedding-1865 dragon morin wedding-1868 dragon morin wedding-1870 dragon morin wedding-1889 dragon morin wedding-1896 dragon morin wedding-1899 dragon morin wedding-1900 dragon morin wedding-1913 dragon morin wedding-1916 dragon morin wedding-1932 dragon morin wedding-1933 dragon morin wedding-1942 dragon morin wedding-1943 dragon morin wedding-1956 dragon morin wedding-1965 dragon morin wedding-1974 dragon morin wedding-1975 dragon morin wedding-1978 dragon morin wedding-1987 dragon morin wedding-1990 dragon morin wedding-1992 dragon morin wedding-2001 dragon morin wedding-2011 dragon morin wedding-2020 dragon morin wedding-2029 dragon morin wedding-2033

Cajordion, Provincetown, Mass

…I met up with Cajordion in Provincetown yesterday to do a quick photoshoot on a gorgeous trail in the dunes.  They are a perfect combination of fine musicians, fun entertainers, and so spontaneous and engageable.  They were so easy and fun to hang with for one hour!   Here I present 70 quick edits…

ptown-7960-Edit ptown-7960 ptown-7962 ptown-7967 ptown-7971 ptown-7979 ptown-7998 ptown-8001 ptown-8001-2 ptown-8041 ptown-8041-2 ptown-8047 ptown-8052-Edit ptown-8047-2 ptown-8052 ptown-8062 ptown-8065 ptown-8073 ptown-8073-2 ptown-8079 ptown-8086 ptown-8086-2 ptown-1367-Edit-Edit ptown-1367-Edit ptown-1370 ptown-1372 ptown-1384 ptown-1395-Edit-2 ptown-1395-Edit ptown-1395 ptown-1411 ptown-1417 ptown-1420 ptown-1425 ptown-1425-2 ptown-1434-Edit ptown-1434 ptown-1436 ptown-1439 ptown-1439-2 ptown-1443 ptown-1448 ptown-1456 ptown-1468 ptown-1474 ptown-1474-2 ptown-1480 ptown-1492 ptown-1497 ptown-1501-Edit-Edit ptown-1501-Edit ptown-1501 ptown-1513-Edit ptown-1513 ptown-1527 ptown-1534 ptown-1549 ptown-1578 ptown-1579 ptown-1590 ptown-1596 ptown-1596-2 ptown-1608-Edit ptown-1608 ptown-1618-Edit ptown-1618 ptown-1640 ptown-1643 ptown-1647-Edit ptown-1647

Jennifer’s Beautiful Family at Salisbury Beach

…hung out with Jennifer’s wonderful family today for an hour at Salisbury Beach.  A gorgeous summer day, warm ocean water, and beautiful gracious people!

jennifer's family salisbury-7729 jennifer's family salisbury-7734 jennifer's family salisbury-7732 jennifer's family salisbury-7735 jennifer's family salisbury-7739 jennifer's family salisbury-7745 jennifer's family salisbury-7753 jennifer's family salisbury-7755 jennifer's family salisbury-7759 jennifer's family salisbury-7760 jennifer's family salisbury-7763 jennifer's family salisbury-7767 jennifer's family salisbury-7769 jennifer's family salisbury-7777 jennifer's family salisbury-7782 jennifer's family salisbury-7788 jennifer's family salisbury-7794 jennifer's family salisbury-7796 jennifer's family salisbury-7802 jennifer's family salisbury-7813 jennifer's family salisbury-7816 jennifer's family salisbury-7818 jennifer's family salisbury-7823 jennifer's family salisbury-7822 jennifer's family salisbury-7825 jennifer's family salisbury-7827 jennifer's family salisbury-7838 jennifer's family salisbury-7771-Edit

Bridget and Stephen

…spent a few minutes with this gorgeous couple at Auntie Debra’s house…

stephen and bridget-4563-Edit stephen and bridget-4600-2 stephen and bridget-4563 stephen and bridget-4567 stephen and bridget-4572-Edit stephen and bridget-4572 stephen and bridget-4574 stephen and bridget-4574-2 stephen and bridget-4576-Edit-Edit stephen and bridget-4576-Edit stephen and bridget-4588-Edit stephen and bridget-4589-Edit stephen and bridget-4593-Edit stephen and bridget-4593-Edit-2 stephen and bridget-4596-Edit stephen and bridget-4596 stephen and bridget-4600

Brenda and Peter’s 50th Anniversary Party…

…had a fabulous time photographing Brenda and Peter’s party.  Beautiful weather, gracious guests, wonderful hosts…just a truly amazing time together!

cindy okane-0022 cindy okane-0025 cindy okane-0031 cindy okane-7200 cindy okane-7207 cindy okane-0037 cindy okane-0040 cindy okane-0045 cindy okane-7209 cindy okane-7210 cindy okane-7213 cindy okane-7217 cindy okane-7221 cindy okane-7226 cindy okane-0052 cindy okane-7233 cindy okane-7240 cindy okane-0058 cindy okane-0061 cindy okane-0064 cindy okane-3690 cindy okane-7243 cindy okane-7251 cindy okane-7257 cindy okane-7261-Edit cindy okane-0071 cindy okane-3712 cindy okane-3716 cindy okane-3726 cindy okane-3737 cindy okane-3749 cindy okane-7284 cindy okane-3753 cindy okane-7307 cindy okane-3761-Edit cindy okane-3767 cindy okane-3770-Edit cindy okane-3773-Edit cindy okane-3784 cindy okane-3788-Edit cindy okane-3793 cindy okane-3794-Edit cindy okane-3803-Edit cindy okane-3810 cindy okane-3814-Edit-Edit cindy okane-3829-Edit cindy okane-0087 cindy okane-0111 cindy okane-7325-Edit cindy okane-0126 cindy okane-0137 cindy okane-3856

Jamie, Chuck, Laurie, Paul, Billy, and of course McCartney, hanging out at the park…

…had a fabulous time catching up with old friends, taking some snaps…

laurie estyfamily-0151 laurie estyfamily-0147 laurie estyfamily-0146 laurie esty-4079 laurie esty-4078 laurie esty-4072 laurie esty-4066-2 laurie esty-4064 laurie esty-4038 laurie esty-4031 laurie esty-4028 laurie esty-4018 laurie esty-4011 laurie esty-4008 laurie esty-3984 laurie esty-3973 laurie esty-3960-2 laurie esty-3954-2 laurie esty-3942 laurie esty-3940 laurie esty-3930 laurie esty-3928 laurie esty-3927 laurie esty-3923 laurie esty-3916 laurie esty-3910 laurie esty-3910-2 laurie esty-3897 laurie esty-3890-2 laurie esty-3889 laurie esty-3884-2 laurie esty-3882 laurie esty-3877-2 laurie esty-3865-2 laurie esty-3859

Anne and the gang!

…had a great time with Anne and her family this week…

anne driscoll-0006-2 anne driscoll-9990 anne driscoll-9990-2 anne driscoll-9985-2 anne driscoll-9984 anne driscoll-9980-Edit anne driscoll-9980-Edit-2 anne driscoll-9975 anne driscoll-9971 anne driscoll-9971-Edit anne driscoll-9969 anne driscoll-9964-2 anne driscoll-9963 anne driscoll-9963-Edit anne driscoll-9963-2 anne driscoll-9960-2 anne driscoll-9959 anne driscoll-9957 anne driscoll-9952-2 anne driscoll-9945-Edit anne driscoll-9939 anne driscoll-9939-2 anne driscoll-3685 anne driscoll-3677 anne driscoll-3675 anne driscoll-3673 anne driscoll-3669 anne driscoll-3669-Edit anne driscoll-3669-2 anne driscoll-3665 anne driscoll-3665-2 anne driscoll-3660 anne driscoll-3659-Edit anne driscoll-3659-Edit-2 anne driscoll-3648-2 anne driscoll-3641-2 anne driscoll-3631 anne driscoll-3629 anne driscoll-3629-Edit anne driscoll-3622 anne driscoll-3622-Edit anne driscoll-3622-Edit-Edit anne driscoll-0016 anne driscoll-0016-2 anne driscoll-0008 anne driscoll-0008-Edit anne driscoll-0006

Danielle Benham Graduates from Salem State!

…my niece Danielle received her degree in Social Work at Salem State this week.  She is my sister Eileen’s daughter.   Simply an amazing and beautiful young woman, I decided to post a few photos I have taken of her over the years…just to keep her humble!

cindy's with lawrence, pepper-7864danielle w flag and tonguekateri wedding-7589-Editboston, danielle, kateri-1860 corey and vlad-6928-Edit-Editboston, danielle, kateri-1898 boston, danielle, kateri-1869 danielle and mike bicycle corey and vlad-7134-Edit danielle benham ymca021 danielle in window danielle christening erica's party, audrianna-7254 erica's party, audrianna-7295-Edit lisa dad danielle kateri thanksgiving 2014-7178 muise family from dad004 muise family by dad051-Edit myopia fox hunt-75264 myopia fox hunt-75247-Edit muise family from dad007 stella-9738danielle benham-3616

Dogs Dogs Dogs Part 61 starring Stella with Danielle and Ermal

…this is my niece Danielle and her Bestie Ermal’s new dog Stella.   I had the honor of a quick shoot at Salisbury Beach…

stella-9643 stella-9652 stella-9671 stella-9674 stella-9682 stella-9685 stella-9699 stella-9702 stella-9711 stella-9723 stella-9727 stella-9738 stella-9740 stella-9759 stella-9762 stella-9769 stella-9778 stella-9791 stella-9802 stella-9801 stella-9809

Hanging Out With Megan…

…here are several black and whites of Megan around the farm and the barn, and with her Bestie!

megan barbas-9276 megan barbas-3240 megan barbas-3206 megan barbas-3165 megan barbas-3148 megan barbas-3141 megan barbas-3109 megan barbas-3103 megan barbas-3099 megan barbas-3078 megan barbas-3057 megan barbas-3051 megan barbas-3026 megan barbas-3020 megan barbas-3011 megan barbas-3005 megan barbas-2979 megan barbas-2978 megan barbas-2968 megan barbas-2957 megan barbas-2952 megan barbas-2932 megan barbas-2921 megan barbas-2910 megan barbas-2896 megan barbas-2889 megan barbas-2880 megan barbas-2858 megan barbas-2835 megan barbas-2785 megan barbas-2767 megan barbas-2755 megan barbas-2743


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