Luna at Salisbury Beach!

…this is Luna, a spectacular beauty, hanging at Salisbury Beach…

Oona and Obi

…here are several images taken at Plum Island today with Oona and Obi…

Lynn and Family…

Juanito Pascual and his Fabulous Band, Valentine’s Day Concert, The Cabot in Beverly, Mass

What a beautiful night!  Fabulous music and dance, great crowd and venue, celebrating Valentine’s Day!

The Valentine’s Day Ensemble:

Juanito Pascual, guitar

Nino de los Reyes, dancer

Barbara Martinez, vocals

Stan Strickland, woodwinds

Rohan Gregory, violin

Jose Moreno, percussion

Brad Barrett, bass

Gonzalu Grau, keys

Violet’s 2nd Birthday Party

…Here is Violet with family and friends at her 2nd birthday party…a spectacular time with a magnificent girl!!!

Mary Hefron’s Funeral

Here are several images I took at Mary’s funeral. This was a beautiful celebration of Mary’s truly amazing life!

My Favorite Photographs of 2018

This is my annual self-indulgent blog post with my favorite photos from the past year. I create this list for my own year end review, but I welcome you to join along if you like!  This list reminds me of how fortunate I am to meet so many truly fabulous people, using a camera as my vehicle. This has been a very busy year as I have continued working as a nurse full time in addition to my photography.  Like so many of my friends of my age, I have had to make some difficult life decisions this year.  My brother Kenny died this year. My dad went into a nursing home. Being a nurse, I am eternally aware of my own mortality.  I continue to wish that there were 32 hours in each day so I could play for 24 hours and sleep the other eight. I am so grateful for all I have: too many cameras, good health, fabulous supportive friends, a great job, the world’s most beautiful dog who has been voted Female Dog of The year 7 years in a row.  I had my 40th sober anniversary this year, without sobriety there would be no story. I am most grateful for all the gorgeous music and all the gracious and talented people that have blessed my life this year , and for the thirst I still have to continue to move forward and learn about life.  A special thank you for all those that said “yes” to my request to capture these special moments.  I was so glad to be the chosen photographer.

This is Allie, Donnie and Carol’s new rescue puppy, an amazingly beautiful Mountain Feist, taken on December 31, 2018 at Salisbury Beach.

The Paul Winter Consort at The Cathedral of St John The Divine, December 212, 2018

A knock-need egret at Anna Maria Island

Theresa Thomason, performing at The Cathedral of St John The Divine in NYC with The Paul Winter Consort. Simply spectacular!

Suzanne, my sister from another mister, hanging out on Anna Maria Island.

Cassandra from her senior shoot, so poised and precious. Can’t believe I used to babysit this girl!

A truly stunning girl, Skylar at her baptism at Star of The Sea in Marblehead. For one hour, she owned this church!

Maeve at her First Communion.


Believe it or not, Pepper and Vader are best friends!

Port Townsend Washington hummingbird.

Megan hanging out at Spencer Peirce Little Farm.

Scene from The Boston Marathon, the temperature was 32 degrees with a windchill of about 10 degrees.

Jelle Van Der Munnik, long distance bicyclist from the Netherlands, currently in the middle of a ride from Nova Scotia to Argentina, now in Hondouras. I am a host for an organization called Warmshowers, we provide lodging for bicyclists. Jelle showed up at my place in the middle of a blizzard in March on a bike with about 150 pounds of gear.

Activist Carlos Arredondo with my friend Mary McCarriston at the anti-gun rally in Boston.

A girl named Serenity, running at Hampton Beach.

Serenity, candids while dancing at Hampton Beach.

I went to Rockport to take some photos of the fabulous band Headlands and came home with this beautiful image of John Rockwell’s mother and #1 fan Shirley.

My friend Janet’s new puppy Zenzii!

Marcia and her son at the Roxbury Presbyterian Church Fashion Show.

Sean Mitchell, never misses a Newburyport road race!

Mia from her senior shoot, so sweet, fun, and gorgeous!

This was the first photo I took at Haley’s wedding. I knew right away it was going to be an amazing wedding!


Ruth’s new baby Sephora, another stunning beauty!

Marysa on her wedding day. She never stopped smiling. She was truly unforgettable. She and Chris made this a magical day!

Women Of The World performing at The Berklee Middle Eastern Festival

Christiane Karam and Annette Philip, musicians and music educators, they have a phenomenal impact on so many.

little girl from Roxbury Presbyterian Church

The prom girls from Presentation of Mary

My favorite athlete, John Young, at mile 3 of the Boston Marathon. I get chills and thrills when I see him coming. He is the first person with dwarfism to do an Ironman Triathlon.

Patterdale Terrier at Salisbury Beach.

Daddy Bruce and Ellie coming down “the aisle.”

Ellie and Mike making their entrance.

Larry on his farm, Orcas Island, Washington

Emma and Ben

Mike at the farm

JM Leach, photographer extraordinaire

Overdrive Horns trumpeters Scott and Billy at Hampton Beach

Oriana Setz!

Twins coming down the stretch!

Girl at the Wednesday Lynn Woods race.


Jen and Chrissy’s beautiful kids!


Mr Newburyport, Chris Kealey!

Inna, multi-instrumentalist Berklee alumni, from a fabulous shoot on Beacon Hill.

Gerson from out Beacon Hill shoot. Fabulous memories!

Anna, so gracious and natural!

Anna and Gerson, creating some best friends memories!


Best friends of Milo!

Dave and Kate

Kate and Dave

Kate with her sisters

From the Christmas card shoot with the Luck Family

Tianna and Momma Gemma

Cassandra’s babies

Momma Cassandra and Kayla, my favorite model!




Michael O’Leary, Celtic singer/musician extraordinaire

Siblings Suzanne and Stevie one hour before Stevie’s wedding


Paul Winter at The Cathedral for his annual Solstice Celebration

Boston Marathon

Newburyport Kids Mile Race

Newburyport Kids Mile Race

Eddie and Haley making their way into the reception

Tom and Linda at Haley’s wedding

Vasilis Kostas performing at Rockport’s Shalin Liu

Having fun with L and M Rhythm Kings

model at the Roxbury Presbyterian Church fashion show

my brother from another mother Leo, aka “The Colonel”

Sisters Sarah and Rachel

Three of my favorite musicians, Eugene Freisen, Theresa Thomason, and Paul Winter performing in Portland Maine

Jed and his classic Vintage base ball swing

Hummingbird, Port Townsend, Washington

The incredible Susan Osborn, vocalist for the Paul Winter Consort for many years. I visited Orcas Island this year where Susan lives and she invited us over for a living room concert. Unforgettable!

Fishing at Salisbury Beach


Darwin from Port Townsend Washington, voted Male Dog of the Year 3rd year in a row

Jenness Beach

boys watching vintage baseball at Spencer Peirce Little Farm

Spencer Peirce Little Farm


Ruth’s baby Allie went over the Rainbow Bridge this year…a beautiful spirit and disposition.

Our friend Darlene Roberts passed away this year and will be missed by many friends, family, and patients

My brother Kenny, 6 weeks before he passed away, surrounded by his award winning paintings. An immensely talented artist, musician, athlete and writer.

Best friends at Salisbury Beach

Stevie and Celeste at Anna Maria Island




Paul Winter Consort December 2018 Solstice Concert

…here I present my early edits from the truly magnificent performance at The Cathedral of St John The Divine. The Paul Winter Consort features Paul Winter on soprano sax, vocalist Theresa Thomason, The Forces of Nature Theatre, Eugene Friesen on cello, Paul McCandless on woodwinds, Jeff Holmes on keyboards, Eliot Wadopian on bass, Jamey Haddad on percussion, and Tim Brumfield on organ, and Kaiyana as SunChild.

The Hynes Family Weekend, Celeste and Steve’s Wedding, Anna Maria Island

…a magnificent weekend on Anna Maria Island as Celeste and Steve get married…I had the time of my life hanging out with this beautiful family…

Cassandra and Kids!

…a spectacular late afternoon shoot, amazing kids, beautiful light, wonderful way to end the weekend…