Molly and Katie at Cedarwood Farm!

Spent a beautiful hour at Cedarwood with Molly and Katie and their babies!

My Friends in Healthcare

As a nurse, I have met countless beautiful and amazing people in my almost 40 year career! Some are still my best friends, some are close friends, some are acquaintances. Because nursing is such an intimate and personal profession, it is only natural that we get close, and eventually share life’s greatest joys and heartaches together. The nursing station and “the back room” are sacred places. I would like to thank all those who have crossed my path in these decades and have enriched my life. You have become my family of choice and I am grateful for the love and friendship. Here I present over 100 images of some of these friends and acquaintances and their relatives that I have had the honor of photographing. These images span 45 years!

Donnie Dragon RN
Suzy Snooks Kazabuski RN
The braintrust of Winchester Hospital
Al RN with son
Mary Jane Crane Boudreau RN with Paul on her wedding day
Pat Cook RN
Me with the Spaulding Rehab Pedi nurses on a wild weekend at the Lake 1986
Dr Rolland Sturtevant, me, Rita Heron, and David Ross at the addiction unit New England Memorial Hospital 1985
Diana on her wedding day
Jeannie Chaplik and Dick Tobin, 2 powerhouses in the addiction field, helped thousands, 1988
Jeannie and Dick
Sue Takis with her gorgeous family
Suzy RN on her wedding day
Pam Shea and Stephen
Sofie, Leanne’s baby
Ellie’s wedding surrounded by the Winchester gang
my late sister Sharon with little Colleen. Sharon was a night aide at Danvers State Hospital for many years
Shaina RN and Lana
Jeremiah, Savannah, and Samantha RN
Marcia with her men
Judelle, Beth Israel
Dr Rosie and nurse Hollis
Maryann Rooney RN
Rita Heron NP
one of the world’s best…Dr Rhonda Hamilton with Lauren
The Winchester braintrust
the late great Tricia Martel RN
Gemma RN with daughter Tianna
Paul Hennessey, SW counselor…how much fun we have had over the years!
Patti RN and daughter Kristen
me surrounded by Linda, Patti, and Mary Beth, out to see Arturo Sandoval
Patti RN with grandchildren
Johnny Medieros CNA on his wedding day
the good doctor surrounded by Joyce LICSW and Debbie RN
Mike Amenta and Joe McCarthy RN on the top of Mt Washington
big Mike and little Joanie RN, Anna Jacques
healers Penny and Michael Sky
me with Joyce LICSW, Linda PT, and Pottsie
me on the end with the Spaulding nurses 1986. What happened on the 6th floor stays on the 6th floor!
Marisa RN on her wedding day
Marisa RN and Chris MD almost on their wedding day
Donnie and Maryann RN’s
Mary Sullivan RN
Mary Sullivan RN with her mom and baby Tess
my favorite chaplain, Mary Beth Moran
Lee Kane LICSW and Susan Kane acupuncturist
Laurie Estey, therapist, with her chillin’. Laurie had done it all, starting with the first aerobic dance studio on the North Shore
Vikki RN
Kristine’s wedding party! yes, nurses do know how to party!
the late Todd Phipps SW on the left, had done about 10,000 psych evals during his career at Beverly Hospital, with my late brother Kenny
Deidre, Kathleen PA, and Fiona
Kate PhD and Dave on their wedding day
Joyce racing the youngsters
Mary Jean Jordan OT with Jonathan
60 yo Johnny Medieros CNA
the late Joe McCarthy on his wedding day 1975
Joanne Jo Jodie Gaines Dupree PT at her high school graduation
Jenn RN with the fam
Jen Riley with her family
Jasmine and her bro
Cheri RN Anna Jacques
the most wonderful Dr Jack Weltner
Maria…hospital’s cannot function with Marias!
Sarah Smith SW with husband Bill…they both recently passed away. Absolutely wonderful people
Beth and Shaina RN’s
Celeste RN on her wedding day with my bro Stephen
some of my favorite Winchester folks
Abby and Bella
my late sister Ginny (Gina) RN with Emily
Gemma RN
Claire RN with her girls
Al RN with his bride and daughter
Elaine with the Anna Jacques RN’s
Elaine RN and baby Abbey
I miss Linda Goodemote PT everyday!
Ellen Epstein, healer, therapist
Carol and Donnie RN’s
Dr Kumar
Dorothy RN
Courtney Luck PA, my swimming buddy. I start my mile 20 minutes before her and we finish together.
Kim and Dixie PA
Diane on her wedding day
the late Dez Kenney with baby Alex 1989
Darlene RN
Suzanne Cox, one of the best bosses I ever had
Colleen Wilson RN and Svet the worlds greatest trainer
Jack Campbell, helped thousands of alcoholics
Mary Chidsey RN and Dr Baez
Pam’s granddaughter Kayla
My adopted mother Helen (meditation therapist) holding baby Milo (Caroline).
Demo after the wedding
Juicy Brucey Gauvain, addictions counselor
Kathleen PA
Dr Cadet
Betsy RN and her family
Beth and Jan RN’s
Nancy Robey RN with her family
Amy Chaplik Sim RN
Alice Viola…everyday with her was fun, musical and memorable!
Kerri RN and Jim
Winchester’s Finest, Patti Sue and Debbie RN’s

Emily part 2!


Had a fabulous time with Emily and her family…

The Luck Family!!!

Coffee at 9am and off to shoot the Luck Family at The Farm! What a beautiful way to start a Sunday!!!

The Harris Family!

Now this was fun!!!


Had a cold and windy shoot at Good Harbor Beach with Sofie. She is such a spectacular girl! Always a pleasure to see how much she has grown in the past year!

World Class Smiles!

Here I present 100 smiling photos, a perfect way to take a pandemic pause!