Brittany and Justin’s Wedding

…such a beautiful wedding…a wonderful couple, gracious families, on a perfect summer day on the lake…

The Barry Family, starring Obi and Hope!

Remembering Frank Pagnotta

Mr Frank Pagnotta passed away on January 27, 2020 at the age of 89. I offer my sincerest condolences to his wife Marilyn, his godchild Martha, and all of his wonderful family and friends. Frank touched countless lives over his 40 year career as a music educator. He instinctively had the ability to see the qualities of the person behind the instrument, and understood that so many important life lessons can be taught through music. His guidance and sincere interest in my success saved me in high school. I never would have graduated without his direction. Those were some tough years. Of all the generous, genuine, and caring people that have come into my life, his influence on me has been the greatest.

I was raised in a family with eight children and my parents insisted that all the children were to play a musical instrument and four of us played in the band under Mr Pagnotta. His acts of kindness towards my family were endless. I was particularly fortunate to work closely with him from grades 8-12. He gave me a job in the school, assisting him with cleaning, errands, and organizing. From that job I learned responsibility. He gave me a tuba and I learned that hard work pays off. He gave me a seat in the band and I received so many lifetime friendships. I feel blessed that I had opportunities over the years to thank Frank for all he had done for me and my family.


Mr Pagnotta 1975

Dan Lannon and Mr Pagnotta

at Pine Grove Cemetary 1975

Lynn City Hall Spring Concert 1975

rehearsal 1974

Frank Pagnotta circa 1969

Frank Pagnotta 1975

2013 band reunion with Scott Mitchell and Fred Chase

Frank and Marilyn with my sister Cindy in front at band reunion 2013

Frank, Marilyn, and Fred Chase 2013

Frank with Ellen Michaud, Jim Ormond, and Matt Muise, 1974 All State Representatives

me, 1974

circa 1998 at the old Manning Bowl

Mark Vittum, drum major

circa 1998?

in front of Lynn City Hall 1976 waiting for President Carter to arrive

Lynn English graduation 1975

1969 Pine Grove Cemetary, my late brother Larry ready to conduct the Star Spangled Banner

Carl Faulstick roasting The Man of The Hour, Frank Pagnotta 1975

Lynn Classical band members 1976

Manning Bowl 1967

parade on Boston St near the old Lynn Hospital, my sister Cindy on flute

Lynn Classical band members 1974

at Manning Bowl circa 1966

my late brothers Larry and Kenny 1967

my brother Larry and sister Cindy 1968

the late Cliff Tyler, drum major 1973






Here are 86 edits from my shoot with Holly!  She was so much fun to work with, so poised, beautiful and natural!

My Favorite Moments in Photos, 2019

This is my annual blog post with my favorite moments in photographs from 2019. It was another fabulous year, filled with love and good health! I continue to love seeing a part of my life through a camera, it is such a fun way to meet and engage with people. Thank you to all whose path crossed with mine! It was a great year!

My favorite photo moment of the year…I remember capturing Patrick Cogan going downhill at the Boston Marathon. I went just to try to get a photo of Patrick and I miraculously snapped this of him going about 25 mph. He went by me so fast that I did not realize that I had a photo of Patrick until I got home.  Patrick has Friedreich’s Ataxia, a genetic and progressive debilitating neurological disorder. I know Patrick does not want to be identified solely by this disease, but I am so inspired by his world class courage, resiliency, motivation, and personality.

I remember…this beautiful boy on a gorgeous fall day.

I remember this wonderful girl at “The Twins” birthday party.

I remember…Pella, my friend Patti’s grandchild at Patti’s birthday party.

I remember…David Byrne performing in the fun and inspirational “American Utopia.”

I remember…these siblings at Salisbury Beach.

I remember…Butterscotch!

I remember…Nano Raies performing a beautiful and haunting song with Eugene Friesen at Berklee College of Music.

I remember…Gabrielle, so poised, natural, and beautiful.

I remember…many beautiful times in this dining room.

I remember…discovering this praying mantis and having so much fun following him around.

I remember…Ruskin!

I remember…these best friends, Vader and Pepper.

I remember…the incredible, incomparable and inspirational Theresa Thomason performing with The Paul Winter Consort. Her voice continually fills up The Cathedral of St John The Divine in NYC.

I remember…Rhonda Larson performing in a little church in Conneticut on the hottest day of the year with no air conditioning, still sounding fabulous!

I remember…Shannon Heaton, joyful multi-instrumentalist performing at Passim’s with her husband Matt.

I remember…Alan, so dignified and handsome.

I remember…Billy Yeung on our Beacon Hill shoot.

I remember…Eve’s graduation party and meeting her wonderful family.

I remember…Stan Strickland on woodwinds performing with Juanito Pascual.

I remember…Will!

I remember…having fun with Jack at Plum Island with his family!

I remember…the Boston Marathon!

I remember…photographing the women’s Boston Marathon winner Worknesh Degefa.

I remember…Nellie at Salisbury Beach!

I remember…Taffy’s (right) last walk on Salisbury Beach, here with her sibling.

I remember…Bella!

I remember…Fatoumata’s girl at The Boston Public Garden.

I remember…this proud runner at the High Street Mile!

I remember…this determined boy at the High Street Mile!

I remember…being 10 feet from the finish line photographing the winners at the High Street Mile.

I remember…these four siblings, so beautiful inside and out!

I remember…the flower girl at Kristen and Tim’s wedding.

I remember…Tim’s mom at his wedding!

I remember…Margaret!

I remember…3 flower girls!!!

I remember…Janice!

I remember…Skyler and Craig!

I remember…Lauren and Craig!

I remember…Nick and Lia!

I remember…Lily from French Twist, voted Newburyport’s Best Dog 2019!

I remember…this scene at the end of the Luck Family shoot!

I remember…Cam!

I remember…Hayden and Courtney on a gorgeous fall evening!

I remember…this beautiful insect!

I remember…the cousins!

I remember…Mary’s granddaughter and great granddaughter at her funeral.

I remember…Conor, my late brother Kenny’s grandson.

I remember…my late brother Kenny’s daughter Renee.

I remember…being with Janice loving this sunset.

I remember…The Murphy Kids!

I remember…the New York Skyline from Ellis Island.

I remember…Kayla, one of the world’s truly great people!

I remember…The 9/11 Memorial, NYC.

I remember…the Big Hall at Ellis Island.

I remember…this NYC scene.

I remember…this double exposure in a New York church.

I remember…this sculpture by Simone Leigh entitled “Brick House” on the NYC High Line.

I remember…taking this macro photo in NYC.

I remember…Kristen and Lily at Patti’s birthday party!

I remember…what a thrill it was to see and hear Noel Paul Stookey perform The Wedding Song with Paul Winter in The Cathedral of St John The Divine in NYC.

I remember…Paul Winter performing amidst a dancer from The Forces of Nature Dance Theater.

I remember…this dancer from The Forces of Nature.

I remember…Pecan, voted Newburyport’s Cat of The Year 2019!

I remember…the performers from The Winter Solstice Concert at the Cathedral of St John The Divine, NYC.

I remember…my girl Pepper. I had no idea that I could love a dog this much.

I remember…these 3 best friends!

I remember…this model from the Roxbury Presbyterian Church Fashion Show!

I remember…Marcia!

I remember…Judelle!

I remember…the Revolutionary War Reenactment at The Spencer Peirce Little Farm.

I remember…Arlene at the farm!

I remember…Steve Crosby at the reenactment.

I remember…Violet Rose!

I remember…Sweetie’s (left) last walk at Salisbury Beach, here with her sibling.

I remember…Joe McCarthy on his wedding day in 1976. Joe passed away in November. I am blessed with many wonderful memories of our times together.

I remember…Joe McCarthy and Mike Amenta at the top of Mt Washington 1976.

I remember…this photo of my dad from 1985 at his shop, age 60.  He is still going strong at age 95, though in a nursing home.

I remember…John Havlicek, center, who passed away this year, at the raising of his number to the rafters, 1979. My favorite athlete of all time, (okay, along with Bill Russell, Ted Williams, and Tom Brady!) John was a magnificent athlete and an amazing man.




The Paul Winter Consort Winter Solstice 2019

Here I present over 100 images of The Paul Winter Consort Winter Solstice Concert 2019 at the Cathedral of St John The Divine in NYC.  Just walking up to the cathedral makes me emotional, and when you add incredible music and wonderful people to the mix, it makes for an amazing weekend!  Thank you to all that said yes to my requests for photos. There was no place on earth I would rather have been!

Erin’s Guild at The Dolphin Striker, Portsmouth NH

here are a few quick edits of a fabulous band, Erin’s Guild, playing in Portsmouth NH last week…

Gia and Ben…and The Family!

The Luck Family

The Marino Families!