Abigail and Mykayla, 40 Steps Beach, Nahant, Mass

…I had the pleasure of photographing these 2 best friends at 40 steps beach…a fabulous time was had by all!   These kids were truly awesome to hang with…

Erin and Al’s Wedding, Falmouth, Mass

…a magnificent couple, amazingly beautiful families made this day so memorable!!!  Here are many quick edits that I couldn’t wait to do…

Dixie and Kim’s Wedding, Plum Island, Ma

…here are many quick edits from the truly amazing wedding with Dixie and Kim…


Dixie and Kim’s Wedding, photos by Cameron and Madison

Cameron and Madison were both officially in Dixie and Kim’s wedding and after the ceremony they wanted to take some photos.   So I gave Cam my Fujifilm X100s and I gave Madison my Nikon DF and I included 75 of their photos in this blog post.  I learned a lot from editing these images as I love some of their angles and compositions.  I realized that there are times when I need to shoot more instinctively and spontaneously and play more.  Some of the images were overexposed by about 4 or 5 stops and I edited those in black and white in Lightroom which captured an amazing amount of detail.  I would like to thank both Cam and Madison for capturing such wonderful images!

Cameron with the Fujifilm X100s, photo by Madison

Madison with the Nikon DF, photo by Cameron

The Headlands, First Gig at The Harbor Loop, Gloucester

…this was one of those perfect summer nights.  70 degrees, watching the masts sailing back into the harbor, listening to this incredible group of musicians performing for the first time.  Lead singer John Rockwell has really done it this time, creating an amazing 2 hour set highlighted by beautiful harmonies (so nice to really hear those vocals, thank you Mr Soundman!) displaying John’s musical range and the entire band’s versatility. The crowd on The Harbor Loop was very appreciative to take in this joyful experience! Here I present several images of the band and members.

The Ohio Village Muffins Vintage Base Ball Team

Today was an amazing day at the Spencer Peirce Little Farm.  Teams from the Essex Vintage Base Ball league played against the Ohio Village Muffins who were in the Boston area for a few days touring.  They are a fabulous group of gentlemen who were fun capturing images of…

This is Darwin! with a few friends…

This is Darwin, an immensely gorgeous border collie/german shorthaired pointer who gets to play with my dear friend Debbie Feinman everyday in Port Townsend, Wa.  I fell in love with this dog in about one minute!


debbie and darwin

darwin, debbie, and friend

a friend

oops, sorry, don’t know how this got in there! From “downtown’ port townsend.

Revolutionary War Reenactment Portraits

Had a fabulous time last weekend at The Spencer Peirce Little Farm capturing the faces of the reenactment…

Amanda Palmer at The Middle East with Patrick Q. Wright and Edward Ka-Spel

What a show.  I think I was the oldest person at this show but I had the most fun.  So fabulous to see Amanda again and to see members from the Legendary Pink Dolls for the first time was quite cool.

patrick q. wright and edward ka-spel

amanda palmer

amanda palmer with patrick q. wright and edward ka-spel

patrick q. wright

edward ka-spel

edward ka-spel

amanda palmer with patrick q. wright

patrick q. wright

amanda palmer

patrick q. wright

Nick’s First Communion…Hanging Out With The Garbarino/Wenzel Families

some quick edits from a gorgeous morning having fun with this beautiful family!