Kate and Dave’s Wedding, Qounqount Farm, Whately Ma

Kate and Dave’s wedding…held at an absolutely spectacular venue, Quonquont Farm…then you add gorgeous weather and light…then add a beautiful couple and amazingly gracious guests…and you get a perfect day!   Here I present many quick edits for viewing…

Gerson and Anna, One Hour On Beacon Hill, Boston

Had fun with these fabulous musicians, alumni from Berklee.  Beautiful fall light, wonderful people, great way to start the weekend in Boston!

Mia’s Senior Shoot!

…here are some quick edits for viewing of Mia.  This girl was spectacular to photograph…so gracious and beautiful!  Had so much fun!

Haley and Eddie’s Wedding at the Oceanview, Nahant, Mass

…simply a spectacular and joyful wedding.   Here are many early edits by Matt for viewing…

Haley and Eddie’s Wedding, Kateri DiSanto Photos

…here are some quick edits for viewing while Haley and Eddie are on honeymoon, these are taken by Kateri McIntire, my fabulous assistant!  We only have about 1000 more to edit later!

haley and eddie-2024haley and eddie-1814haley and eddie-1836haley and eddie-1869haley and eddie-1853haley and eddie-1874haley and eddie-1880haley and eddie-1888haley and eddie-1893haley and eddie-1922haley and eddie-1916haley and eddie-1946haley and eddie-1940-Edithaley and eddie-1991haley and eddie-1970haley and eddie-2003haley and eddie-2024-2haley and eddie-2046haley and eddie-2099haley and eddie-2066haley and eddie-2151-Edithaley and eddie-2111haley and eddie-2168haley and eddie-2260haley and eddie-2279haley and eddie-2286haley and eddie-2294haley and eddie-2310haley and eddie-2363-Edithaley and eddie-2378haley and eddie-2395haley and eddie-2408haley and eddie-2435haley and eddie-2441haley and eddie-2469haley and eddie-2486haley and eddie-2501haley and eddie-2538haley and eddie-2553haley and eddie-2559haley and eddie-2582haley and eddie-2603haley and eddie-2628haley and eddie-2660haley and eddie-2670haley and eddie-2681haley and eddie-2682haley and eddie-2690haley and eddie-2693haley and eddie-2720haley and eddie-2740-Edithaley and eddie-2724haley and eddie-2853haley and eddie-2816haley and eddie-2934haley and eddie-2869haley and eddie-2937haley and eddie-2944haley and eddie-2956haley and eddie-2978haley and eddie-3011haley and eddie-3064haley and eddie-3087haley and eddie-3096haley and eddie-3229haley and eddie-3240

Happy Birthday Violet!

Dear Violet,

Thank you thank you thank you for an amazing afternoon.  It was such a pleasure meeting you!  Had a fabulous time on a gorgeous afternoon creating memories with you and your mom!  Eat cake…ice cream cake!

Ben entertaining Mike, Arleen, Emma and Megan at The Farm

…a perfect evening at Spencer Peirce Little Farm for photographing this beautiful gang!  Had a fabulous time!!!  Here I present several quick edits for viewing…

Remembering Kenny Muise, My Brother (or, as he would say, my bwuddah!)

These are photos of my late brother Kenny, most that I have taken.  Kenny was well known in many different circles, whether it be athletics, music, recovery, art.  Yet, no combination of words can capture the true essence of a person.  To me, he was my immensely talented brother who created some amazing art while here.  We had some great times together.


flexing in the front on Fayette Court in Lynn

Kenny pushing the merry go round at The Meadows

with mom Ruthie and Larry

with Sharon and Larry

with Sharon and Larry

with grampy, Larry, and Sharon

with Dad, Cindy, Larry, and Sharon

with Larry and ?

The Lynn Swim Team with coach Pete Sawin. Kenny is top row third from left. Larry is second row from bottom fifth from the left. Tom Costin Jr is second row from the top second from the left.

goofing around at swim practice at The Boys Club

posing at Cape Cod

at Kateri’s wedding

at Renee’s wedding

playing it cool

at Sharon’s wedding

mother’s day 1980’s

with Larry

mother’s day 1980’s

on Nantucket

at Lisa’s wedding

with Todd Phipps at The UU Church in Salem preparing for a piece

Bay State Triathlon 1983

at Emily’s wedding

one handsome dude, 1972

at Lynn English for one of Renee’s Revues

ferry to Nantucket

Lancers Alumni Corp

Sunday night at the Blue Note

at Emily’s wedding

Fathers Day ?1980

with The Crusaders

with The Crusaders

road race 1979

enjoying the rain at Pioneer Village

with Brian Bagley and Billy Rodgers at the Heartbreak Hill Road Race

Rocky Neck with The Klangos Family 2015

with Dad 2014

the gang with Dad 2014

playing Christmas Carols in Marblehead for Item Santa

Christmas ?1990

from the photo session with his granddaughter Mari in April 2018

photo by Mari

photo by Mari April 2018

with Mari 2018

Ellie and Mike’s Wedding, June 17, 2018

Well, they promised a “kick ass wedding” and that’s what we got!  This was beautiful, fabulous and amazing from start to finish.  Family and friends were so gracious.  And the venue, Commonwealth Market and Restaurant was spectacular!  And Ellie and Mike made the day by creating such a magnificent party!  Here I present over 100 quick edits for viewing…

Kenny Muise’s paintings for viewing by family and friends