Chrissy’s Cool Cousins!

…wow, what a family!  Had so much fun meeting this family and chasing the little ones around.  Beauty everywhere!!!  Here I present several quick edits for viewing…

Cassandra’s Kids!

…spent one hour with these three stunningly beautiful children, running around, snapping away.   Many of the photos were taken by the kids…

Denise and Family

…had a fabulous time meeting Denise and her family at Lynn Woods yesterday…here are a few quick edits…

45 Minutes With Srishti

…did a quick and fun photoshoot with Srishti in Boston yesterday.  A very talented multi-instrumentalist at Berklee, she was so beautiful, elegant and poised…

Kelsey, Cam, Eva Marie and The Family!

…here are some quick edits of a fabulous shoot with Kelsey, Cam, Eva Marie and the whole family.  It is so beautiful to see this family grow so healthy and beautiful.  I was honored to have the opportunity to do this shoot.  So many memories here…

Celebrating Linda’s Birthday!

…here I present some quick peeks of the Weltner/Plunkett and extended families.  This was one of those wonderful shoots (I seem to have a lot of those!) that was so beautiful and so easy in how it all came together.  Beautiful families inside and out!  So much history here and I was so grateful to be present for this birthday celebration!

Roy, Betsy, Sarah, Lisa and Peanut at Salem Commons

…family in town for my sister Sharon’s memorial service tomorrow…had fun shooting a few portraits at the commons…really nice seeing folks for the first time in years!

Erin and Al’s Wedding part 2

…what a spectacular wedding this was!

Billy and Dax, Nahant Mass

…enjoyed 90 minutes with these 2 gentlemen, hanging out in Nahant, 40 Steps Beach.   Here I present several quick edits…

Jennifer and Chrissy and the Gang! Salisbury Beach

…we had about 40 minutes of light and had a great time filling it with running and shooting…a fabulous time on a gorgeous evening!