Newburyport vs Lowell, 19th Century Baseball

I enjoyed a gorgeous Sunday afternoon watching baseball games at the Spencer Pierce Little Farm between The Newburyport Clamdiggers and The Lowell Base Ball Club.  This was my first time watching vintage baseball as they play by 19th century rules.   I decided to photograph the game with one normal lens, shoot at a very shallow depth of field, and edit the images using an antique filter to add a little authenticity to the photographs as they are a little soft and faded in black and white.  I must say I was very impressed with the athleticism of some of the barehanded players in the field.   There were some serious sluggers here on this day.  I would like to thank all the players for welcoming me onto the field.

Jason Cantelli

Jeff Peart, umpire

Jason Cantelli with son

Brian Sheehy with his child

2 thoughts on “Newburyport vs Lowell, 19th Century Baseball

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  2. these pictures are great. fans of 19th-century baseball might also enjoy my site thanks!

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